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Important Information About Our Music Program

North Ridge Music School
Studio Policy and Fees -
Current School Year

Tuition and Payments

1. Annual registration fee of $20 (individual) and $30 for families with multiple students.
2. Tuition payments are due prior to each 12-week semester of the school year:
a. Fall semester due - September 30th
b. Winter semester due - January 5th
c. Spring semester due - March 30th
d. Summer session (7 to 10 weeks) due - June 20th to August 20th
3. Tuition rates for private lessons are the following:
a. 30-minute lesson - $280
b. 45-minute lesson - $380
c. 60-minute lesson - $480
d. Discounts are available for multiple lessons and family plans.
4. Call for ensemble tuition rates.
5. PLEASE NOTE – The school will provide reminders prior to payment due dates. The school will also post reminders in the waiting room and on the website. The school does not mail invoices unless payments are already late!
6. All tuition payments are due before the first lesson of each semester. No lessons will be taught until the student is current with tuition.

7. There is a $25 returned check fee.
8. The school reserves the right to apply a 3% late fee for each week a tuition payment is late.
9. No credits or refunds are issued for missed or dropped classes. All semester payments are due in full.
10. Students are responsible for purchasing their own books, materials, and instruments for home practice; these are not covered by the lesson tuition.
11. Students are strongly encouraged to make use of the best instrument they can find for home practice, whether they purchase one or rent. Instruments of poor quality have a negative effect on the student’s motivation and technique and can increase the student’s frustration level during home practice sessions. A beautiful effort by the student will only sound as beautiful as his or her instrument allows.
12. Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and year-round in order to ensure the most consistent progress and motivation. Remember that it takes many years to become solidly proficient at any musical instrument and that the student’s (and family’s) commitment to lessons and home practice is ultimately what will determine his or her progress.

Studio Policy
Schedules and Absences

Holiday Breaks and School Closings: Consult your school calendar, the calendar in the lobby, or https://northridgemusicschool.com for all important dates, breaks, and recital/concert dates for the current school year. Also, take note of school bulletin boards, postings, and mailings for important updates and notices throughout the year.

Instructor’s Absence: All teachers are responsible for making up any lessons missed by them, by arranging a suitable time with the student. If the make-up lesson is missed or canceled by the student, no additional make-up time will be assigned. The student is entitled to reimbursement from the office for teacher absence if the teacher has no available make-up times to offer the student.

Inclement Weather: If the school should close due to inclement weather, students will be notified by email or telephone prior to their lesson time, and the school will assign a suitable make-up lesson day for those lessons. If the make-up lesson time is missed by the student, no additional make-up time will be assigned.

Student Absence: Students are expected to contact the school prior to any absence at 215-508-7737. Please email or leave a voice mail message if you’re unable to reach anyone at the school directly. Teachers may make up no more than one (1) lesson missed by the student per semester, and ONLY in cases of an emergency. School projects, family trips, and sports games or practices are not considered emergencies, and lessons missed for these reasons will not be made up.

Important Guidelines and Considerations

1. Students, parents, and siblings are to behave respectfully in the building. Food is prohibited in the studios and lobby area. The noise in the lobby should be minimal so as not to disrupt lessons in progress. Younger siblings, who are not partaking in lessons, are under no circumstances to be left unsupervised in the waiting room.
2. Students, parents, and siblings agree to not enter areas not associated with the school. All other areas are private and exclusive of the school, and entering such areas is prohibited.
3. Students are to arrive for their lessons on time. Parents can wait in the waiting room or arrive promptly at the end of the lesson to pick up the student.
4. Students are expected to arrive for lessons with ALL materials needed for the lesson. Teachers reserve the right to dismiss a student if they come to the lesson unprepared.
5. Any questions and/or concerns should be brought to the director’s attention via voice mail or email and will be answered promptly.

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