North Ridge Music School Programs
Weekly private instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.
Traditional and Suzuki methods are available.

Piano lessons develop the student’s musical ability in a motivating and encouraging atmosphere, using a step-by-step approach. Lessons are geared toward the ability levels and needs of the individual student and provide instruction in correct technique at the piano, the fundamentals of note reading, musical theory and history, and developing artistic interpretation and expression.

The Suzuki Piano Program follows the “mother tongue” method developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, defined in his work “Natured by Love.” Suzuki piano lessons are built upon a three-way bond between parent, child, and teacher, creating an environment that enables the child to learn a musical instrument as he learned his native language. Lessons are based on parental involvement during weekly private lessons and at daily home practice sessions (prior musical experiences is not necessary), and daily listening to the Suzuki Piano Repertoire on CD.

- Beginning Guitar (5 yrs and up)
Weekly private instruction for guitar students of all ages. Lessons provide a strong basis in music reading, both finger-style and pick techniques, posture, musical interpretation and expression, creativity, and aural development through listening and theory exercises.

- Intermediate/Advanced Guitar
Lessons for the more advanced player-instruction is geared to a student’s own musical goals, as well as providing an avenue for a more in-depth approach to musical expression, theory, and composition.

VOICE (7 yrs and up)
Voice study for students interested in singing and/or improving their singing voice. Lessons use established vocal exercises, breathing techniques and posture as a basis for developing a physiologically correct technique for using the voice. These techniques are applied to repertoire styles of pop, rock, jazz, blues and Broadway. Emphasis is placed on building self-confidence and poise while having "fun".

Weekly or biweekly private lessons. Small group weekly lessons are also available where vocal techniques are taught and practice of solo performance is accomplished by singing for others in class.

Weekly private lessons designed with the student’s individual styles, musical tastes and ability levels in mind. Lessons help students achieve a proper, relaxed technique at the bass, as well as guiding students in creating their own bass lines, understand rhythms and meters, and how to perform as an integral part of an ensemble.
Weekly private instruction in basic, intermediate and advanced percussion techniques. Students choose from either drum set or hand drum instruction and learn the fundamentals of rhythm, meter, beat, and notation in rock, jazz, and afro-cuban styles.
Weekly private lessons for beginning to advanced players. Suzuki violin students follow Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s “mother tongue” method (see Suzuki Piano description) - both Suzuki and traditional students learn correct violin technique, posture and bow hold, how to produce a beautiful tone, music reading, etc.

In addition to private lessons, the school also offers group instruction in the following areas -
- Jazz/Rock Band (Advanced Students)
- Guitar Ensemble
- Introduction to Singing
- Percussion-Drum Ensemble



Select instruments are offered when a sufficient number of students are active. Currenttly, we offer Flute, Weekly private instructions for beginning to advanced players. Lessons provide a one-on-one atmosphere for developing technique and ability that motivates students and builds confidence. Private lessons are a great idea for students who already participate in elementary and high school bands and want to further improve their skills.


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